Address : 大阪 市 生野 区桃谷 4-9-7 〒544-0034 Phone (090)- 6676-7393

Thank you for your interest in Hiro’s Guest House.

We have temporally shut down our website and closed bookings until Summer 2016.

The first floor is also closed for the time being.

For our regular guests and cafe customers, we appreciate your support for 6 great years.

We will be making some structural and design changes to the second floor and common living areas of HGH to best serve budget travellers.

I'm currently discussing plans with an architect and working on a timeline for renovations.

Thanks for the great reviews and support. Your wonderful reviews and referrals mean a lot to us and inspire me to continue to offer a comfortable place and personal service.

Thank you, Hiro

Welcome to Korea Town!

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